Art Without Camera

A gallery for non-photo nude art by TN members. Lets be creative nudists!

New Art

Three drawings just posted in the media section. Thanks Natur-Al!

Naked inspirations

It is so inspiring to see everyone's individual creative talents on show.


Here are some small paintings I made of Nudie_CV4601 If anyone wants me to make some drawings/paintings of them, let me know.


Shadows can change a photo where your eyes will only see the Shadows or it will bring out something that you would have overlooked Anatole Shadows play Roll from leaves or from Poles or from other things even body parts Shadows to change your picture

Love to Model Again

This is something I did in college and grad school for local college art classes simply for a little pocket money but now decades later as a dedicated nudist (when I can) I am curious to try online to see myself sketched or drawn by hand. Serious...

Hello Art Models & Artists

For many years, decades, I have done nude modeling for ammeter and pro photographers and photography groups and artist and art classes. I do fully nude & exposed modeling, as well as erotic modeling for video, including sexual activities with female...

Painting 273

In my previous full body portrait post I focused on accurate rendering by painting light. This time the focus was mainly on color choice and texture. I tried a different drawing method to create a line drawing from reference. It worked but I...

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Full body self portrait

Last night did a 3 hour painting of myself after having meet up with another TN member at our local clothes optional beach. Im usualy too lazy a painter to spend much more than 40min or so, but I decided I wanted to test myself to see where I was at...

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Posed for art class in Lancaster

Had a great time posing usually I am the one drawing. But I love being nude so hey anyone need a model let me know

Just added a drawing

From a life drawing session I attended 2 weeks ago. I'm not formally taught and there was no instruction but you can learn a lot just by attending and giving it your best. Enjoy my contribution!

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