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Shaving my head for the first time

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Ive been bald on the top of my head for years, but I always used clippers and a close guard to buzz the hair around the sides. Dunno why, but I kinda liked it that way. It wasnt vanity I dont have any delusions about having a head full of hair.

Yesterday I finally clean shaved my head with a razor for the first time. I made a video to send to a friend who shaves his head because wed been talking about the benefits of each method. (He also knew that I was thinking about trimming the beard, so thats why I started the video without talking.) Anyway, since it's my first time doing this and it's been captured for all eternity, I figured I may as well post it here if anybody wants to see.

Id already used my clippers (without the guard) to remove most of the hair before I started the video, so you cant really see any of the hair I did have. Its there; it just felt like fine-grit sandpaper.

EDIT: There's no visible nudity in the video. I mean, I'm naked, but I'm also leaning up against the sink.

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RE:Shaving my head for the first time

Thanks, man! That was a particularly wooly beard day, and I really didnt put any effort into it before I started. Its kind of an anomaly; Ive been joking that Ill let it grow until Im called back into the office. But yeah, it needed some beard butter that day.

Its been a little weird getting used to the feel. I keep putting my hand up there expecting to feel something fuzzy and surprising myself. LOL

Thanks for the recommendations! I was using an ancient Gillette Sensor Excel that Ive had for god knows how long, but Ill definitely give the Harrys a try.

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RE:Shaving my head for the first time

The closest I ever came to shaving my head was while I was in boot camp. Thanks to the Marine Corps I was a perfect 'bubble head'! haha :)

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