Bare Assed Urinal

A group for men who like to use the urinal bare assed letting it all hang out

Restroom nakedness

I like to find a restroom that is a little out of the way, for instance at a Truck Stop, and either drop my pants at the urinal or get naked in a cubicle and then wander out to wash my hands. Guess its the exhibitionist in me striking out!!

Locker room urinal nude

Every time while at the gym my sons and i always strip nude, before heading to the shower always go nude to the urinal , then the sauna , then our sweaty hairy asses head over to the shower, i have taught them no wraping towels around our waist ,...

Piss times

I always drop my pants at urinal and aim from a good ways away so don't brush my pants on the wet fixture - when everything's hanging free then can shake it out good and no dribble in the pants. Anybody looking that's on them - if I...

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Nudists @ Home

Horny in Long Beach ca

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Stopped at a convenience store/gas station

Fueled my car and was about to start the six and a half hour home. I always take a piss even if I don't think I need to. Go into the men's room. Two urinals. One is occupied. Step up to the other. Wallet in one hand, phone in the other. Try...

Free the Urinals

It seems like the design and layout of urinals has been moving towards separation and isolation of men peeing. I wonder what the discussions and thought processes around the builder specs involve. Is it subconscious shyness, or overt prudishness? I...

Post up pants off

I love dropping my shorts to the ground to take a hands free piss at a urinal. Guys have commented a couple times. On the rarest of occasions a dude followed suit. We had a good friendly yank and chuckle.

Hi guys

Just joined here. There are hardly urinals left in Oslo but I would love the setting. Do have some past experience though but no pics available to share. ;-)

Bonfire -- Men Only -- Platonic -- Nudity...

Forget the urinal -- piss in the grass or on a tree. Bonfire at my place as soon as the trees are covered in leaves Springfield MO Area Send me a private message if you'd like additional information ~ Men Only ~ Male Bonding ~ Male Camaraderie ~...


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