Bare Assed Urinal

A group for men who like to use the urinal bare assed letting it all hang out

Locker room urinal nude

Every time while at the gym my sons and i always strip nude, before heading to the shower always go nude to the urinal , then the sauna , then our sweaty hairy asses head over to the shower, i have taught them no wraping towels around our waist ,...

Restroom nakedness

I like to find a restroom that is a little out of the way, for instance at a Truck Stop, and either drop my pants at the urinal or get naked in a cubicle and then wander out to wash my hands. Guess its the exhibitionist in me striking out!!

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Post up pants off

I love dropping my shorts to the ground to take a hands free piss at a urinal. Guys have commented a couple times. On the rarest of occasions a dude followed suit. We had a good friendly yank and chuckle.