Bath Nude

People who love nude,love,hugs and Kisses. Including bath in tub, shawer, skinny dip and so on. Whether it's public or prive, individual or group

What else?

Of course we all bath and shower nude, there is no other way. But do we share our bath or shower with someone? I always shared the bath with my late wife. Her children (my step children) would come in and talk to us while we bathed. Now I share my...

Public outdoor bathing

Anybody has experienced the Joy of bathing Nude in outdoor public places??

When bath water is scarce.....

When we were first married and very poor I acquired a 55 gal drum. They were plentiful years ago. I put or by a fence and built a metal diverter so that during the rain it would fill the drum. You can imagine once the drum was 2/3 RDs full with...

Bathing together

We are asked to bathe together to save global warming. And it's fun! I just have to ask my friend to warm the shower gel before putting it on me, and then to rub it in well.

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Has anyone else ever taken a bath on a train?

When I have the time, I often prefer a nice soak to a shower, so our bath tub gets a lot of use. My wife and I decided to book a luxury train on a trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the celebrated Blue Train. This is like a 5-star historic hotel...

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