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Group for those who rock the bearded look or admire the bearded man

Ever accidently shave your beard ??

I have had my beard since 1969. One day about 3 years ago, I was cleaning up my sideburns and I accidently shaved too close, and down my face ( I must have been dreaming of some hot bearded guy! ) I totally freaked out and stared at what I had down...

Casual Male Nudists - Discord Channel

I've created a discord channel, feel free to join: The only rule is just dont be annoying, hangout, chat, share pics, meet other laid back nudists

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Would you shave your beard off for any...

I wouldn't. I'd lose all my friends if I did and I wouldn't get compliments from other bearded men when I am out and about, especially if I compliment them first!!

Returning member

Hi guys returning uk member hoping to get back into naturism hoping to make friends and be social, bearded and recently working on a styled mustache.

Once you grew your significant beard, what...

Some older women ignore or clearly fear you when walking past them on the street. Some women however will cross the street to congratulate you. Men will stroke up conversations anywhere. Bearded men will acknowledge you Beardless men will accuse you...

Bearded guys with big feet?

I think both guys and girls love to see a bearded guy showing off his full beard and his large feet. I dont think that the myth is true about big hands and feet. Ive seen both and a small member and Ive seen both with a large tool. I always tend to...

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Bearded dad

Hi mates Let's talk in skype:

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