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This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

Hi Aussie Home Nudist

Hi everyone first time poster in here, how is everyone? so a bit about me i have been a home nudist for a while now, i have never been to a nude beach or a nudist resort genuinely due to not being confident in my body...(shocking i know) hopefully...


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How to get good nude photo?

I am single and have trouble taking a full body nude selfie to share here at TN and in groups. They end up looking....INAPPROPRIATE- PORN-y I have a few friends who might do it. Is that the best? have them use better camera? buy a better camera-...

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An open question for anyone and everyone: What got you into nudity? Was it the family you grew up in or the group you hung out with? Was it just a thing you accidentally found or did you purposely seek it out? What was it that got you into nudity...

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here is my group contribution

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Locker Room Nudity, Have Things Changed?

Recently I joined a gym with a pool featuring a steam room and sauna room in the locker room. To my surprise, the showers were all individual stalls with a curtain. In the main locker area I noticed when many members were dressing, they kept wrapped...


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