Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

Nudism. Being new to it,

I''m new to nudism and I've only really been nude when my parents aren't home, when it is sunny I go out in the garden and sunbathe in the nude to help me, at the mo I like being nude but I'm not confident with my body. When i...

happy to share body pics

here is my body, think it dosnt look bad for my age, happy for comments

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New to Nudism

I have only been practicing social nudity since last June. Prior to that I was a frequent at home nudist. I was always curious about trying social nudity but just too nervous about it. I'm overweight and I have a small-ish (flaccid) penis so I...


I have always been a home nudist. Have trouble finding others in my area that enjoy the nudist style. I'm proud of my body in its natural state (nude). Wishing to meet others in my area that feel the same.

Something to make you go hmmm?

If nudism/naturism were the norm, and wearing clothes was the taboo, would you still be a nudist? Just something for everyone to think about. Im talking about the first time you decided to step out into public sans clothes, what was your motivation....

Hello beautiful here get back to me on my hangout mail for more convenient chart!!!

Nudist artists will draw you

Hello All! Me and My lady are nudists and artists. Interested in getting a nude drawing of yourself or a loved one? PM me!

being out at clothing optional

hey there chuckie68d started at local beach first time last summer enjoy water good on my body.