Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

Texas nudism

Where can I go camping wether its a lake or beach besides hippie hollow. Im just looking for peace and quiet and nakedness. I have a travel trailer and dont need hookups to dry camp. I just dont wanna get in trouble with the law for not wearing...

being told nothing to get embarrased about

When ever I have spoken to textiles even on a public official nudist beach I always find myself saying "i hope I am not embarrassing you by being totally naked". But then I guess if they were embarrassed they would not have gone there in...

Listening to her getting dressed

Just sitting here drinking my morning jo,,, nude of course, listening to my wife getting dressed up stairs. Listening to her clothes rustle, then the snap of the elastic on her panties, and then the loud crack of her female harness being hooked up....

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Profile pictures

What's up with all the new people signing up to this site with pictures of them wearing clothes? Why would you sign up to a nudist site and be afraid to show yourself nude? They should be proud to be nudists and not hide behind clothes. That is...

i love

im master4cuckold brown chocolat bi 180cm. 84 kg .penis 24.13cm member in sommes cuckold / bdsm .forums my pic / videos

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An open question for anyone and everyone: What got you into nudity? Was it the family you grew up in or the group you hung out with? Was it just a thing you accidentally found or did you purposely seek it out? What was it that got you into nudity and...

Politics and nudity?

Do you think any USA politician could get elected supporting more nude beaches/parks for nude recreation? German, yes. French, yes. Spanish, yes. In USA?


I was struck by the group photo featuring two well tattooed nudists. I agree they are beautiful and natural too. The same might apply to piercings, hair removal etc.

Hello; with a short story

HelloI am a very fit and healthy single Life-long Nudist, with very exhibitionist & erotic style. I am 100% straight, and, If I can't be 100% nude, I wear the most minimalist and most shear micro-thong, or brief, that I think I can legally get...

Nudist camping in Netherlands

Hello All, Could you please suggest the best and available nudist camping sites in Netherlands? I am planning to visit for few days in May.

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