Black & white photos have a beauty all their own. This is a place for posting and discussing black & white photos, also monotone sepia photographs as well as the aesthetics of portraying nudity inB & W.

A few of our Black and White photos

I took some Black and white photos of my wife. Love the look of them.We are planning on taking more in different settings.

A few of my photos in Black & White

These photos were taken of me by the photographer Stanley Stellar in 1998. He is famous for his male nudes. Check out his work online.

Love Black & White photos!

Hey!I just wanted to say hey. Pretty new here so hello!It would be great to make some new friends from this group.I've attached a few B&W photos :)Col

Some of mine

I love B&W photography and have been doing it for many years. Here are a few of mine...

Did you ever spend your evenings in your own...

There was a time when my interest in photography started - and it all started with black and white photography. I remember quite well how I spent a lot of hours developing B/W films and making your own B/W prints out of it. It was a very dark and...

Why Are We Still Drawn to Black & White...

Color film went mainstream in the 1930's. Yet, after all these years, an attraction to black and white persists, we still find black and white photos appealing. I've done some research on the internet and have, hopefully, come up with some...

Vintage B&W Nudist Pics

My introduction to Nudism came thru magazines published during the 1960's, when I was in my late teens. There was no internet or Google, nor public nude events and perhaps only a few isolated nude beaches, at least here in the U.S. Nudist...

My Old B&W Film Pics

I decided to start posting some of the old pics that Hubby took of me using actual 35 millimeter film. He did all of the printing in a darkroom in the basement. I got to enjoy the aroma of hypo! I've always liked the way I looked in these pics,...


Hello everyone, I'm Andrea, I'm 54 y.o., from Italy. I just joined the group and posted a picture (waiting for approval) I would be happy to have contacts and friendship with each. A warm greeting.

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Dian Hanson's My Buddy: World War II Laid...

Just a book recommendation: My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare by Dian Hanson (editor) This coffee table book shows male bonding from a different side (I quote "Nude horseplay among men during World War II"). It offers some insights via text...

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