Black & white photos have a beauty all their own. This is a place for posting and discussing black & white photos, also monotone sepia photographs as well as the aesthetics of portraying nudity inB & W.

My submission

Heres my B&W submission.

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First choice.

Have always loved b/w photos. So much more detail s in them. I shoot most of my pictures in b/w ,nature, people, every day things. Most of my pictures on TN are shot by someone using my camera in b/w

What happened to the group pic?

Now we've got the generic yoga girls, and not even in black and white

My 1st Post in this Group

Hi everyone. I'm and nudist who also has an interest in photography. In some subjects, Black and White photography can work very well. This happens to be one of them. As for photography, drawing is also also has a lot of art to it. Thank you for...

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Nude walk

Im so pleased with myself just completed a two mile walk nude. As always I have some photos and converted some to black and white, which is my favourite medium.

Normalizing nudity

I just joined this group. The purpose of my nude selfies is to try to foster acceptance of the male nude in particular and the and normalization of nudity in general by exposing myself and highlighting the beauty of the natural forms combined and in...

Nudism pandemic

Empty beaches better for us who we are only 22 me with my gf and we love to be naked !!!!! Sending our love

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1st post

Hello. This is my 1st post here and I just uploaded my 1st pics as well. I am an amateur photographer and from time to time I take self shots. I really enjoy Blk and whites as I feel they show definition better as well as emits emotion more so than...

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Medium Format B&W photography

Anyone working with MF cameras and medium format film? Im not currently developing and wonder what will happen if I send in my non-sexual nude photos to a lab for developing and scanning.

black and white

we have many pics we have taken in black and white, but prefer to share privately, rather than publicly