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For anyone with body art - tattoos, piercings, jewellery or body paint. Lets explore the way we embellish the naked body.

She said Wow!

She said Wow, I've never seen one so big before! She was the presenter on Chanel 4's Naked Attraction and had seen many naked men before. It wasn't my penis she exclaimed about (it's not big at all). It was the PA inserted in the...

Male Body Modification Documentary

Ciao guys! I am working on a documentary about men and their body modifications. I am seeking males with any and all body modifications. The research is ongoing and participation levels are entirely left up to the participants. The project will...

Close examination

I met a London police woman when on holiday in Fuerteventura, Spain. She had noticed my PA and pierced scrotum. Then in a public, textile bar she asked for a closer look. How could I refuse? She handled my bits gently while she "looked".

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Which came first

For those of us with piercings and tattoos:- which came first? I got my first tattoo in 2013 and my first piercings in 2016. Also who adds body paint?

Being asked to

Lately I've had requests to do piercings, after much experience in piercing myself with less pain than when the professionals did it.

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Crossed piercings

Does anyone else have crossed piercings in their nipples? I've seen many with one piercing in each nipple but not two (like mine). I like the look.

Coppy duck

I was contacted by a Donald Duck-man on Flickr. He had copied my duck tattoo and asked if I minded. That tatt is not common as it was my own design. He also chose much the same place for the tatt. But our piercings are different.

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Why not do it?

In another group someone said they couldn't understand WHY anyone would want to get pierced or get a tattoo. Maybe it's like Marmite - some love it, some hate it. Maybe 30 years ago I was in a life drawing class. The model caused a...

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Carried away

I got myself a piercing needle. The trouble is when I get bored. I stick the needle through myself and do another piercing. I now have 16 piercings, twelve of which are in my genitals. They do look a bit cluttered so maybe I should limit myself. I...

Painting bodies

Over Christmas I painted some festive decorations on my friend and myself (a Christmas tree and some holly). A very attractive young lady saw them and asked if I'd paint her - as a mermaid. The next day she waited patiently naked un the beach...

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