Bosom Palls

For lovers of bosoms, tits, boobs or breasts and for ladies who like to show them

Approach or not

I see ladies here say they enjoy men smiling at them when their nipples are purposely shown. My question to you ladies is would you mind men stopping you snd commenting?

kissing breast

What exactly is it that makes guys want to kiss, lick and suck on a woman's breast? Is it the thrill of seeing them when in our culture they stay covered? Is it the fact that to kiss and suck on them feels good to the girl in hopes of getting...

Being topless is the best!

At work I go braless under my cami and smock. When I'm home I'm nude and when I go out I make sure my nipples are visible under my top and my boobs have a little bounce, When I go hiking I'm either nude or topless just like at the beach.

Does size matter??

So much obsession with men's cock size, what about women's breast size? Does breast size matter? I say No. Why should it. I like breast, small to medium, big. Yes bigger breast are more fun to look at, and hopefully see them giggle. Look at...


I don't know what it is but I love peirced nipples. Weather it's a ring, stud, or any other style. What's your opinion on nipple jewelry?


A pall is a cloth spread over a coffin, hearse, or tomb. What does it have to do with bosoms?


So why do men, and women, like looking at female breasts. Is it from infancy? Or is it because the nipples are hard wired to the genitals? That might work for the ladies. For the men - maybe its the way they move (and feel). Or...

Hi everyone

I love to show up my nipples most especially in the beach

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If a lady is topless is she nude or part nude? (It does not count with a man.) Ladies are often topless on French textile beaches. And, whilst Facebook bans nudity, it accepts women being bare chested as a protest - like for sexual equality.