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Like many of the threads I have read, we are all fans of the wonderful fleshy skin that is owned by half the population. I love them all, with size being a bit down the list for what constitutes a great set of boobs. Smaller boobs remain more manageable and better maintain integrity against the evil villain (Time), whereas larger ones possess an unmistakable siren's lure. We all love them, why is inconsequential.

My wife has always smaller ones. She has an athletic build and her other attributes are very strong, strong enough her smallish boobs are never an issue.

At 47, she expressed interest in a boob job which she is currently researching. She says they would help her feel more feminine. Besides being supportive of her, I have always gravitated (pun intended) to larger ones anyways. While she will make her one decision which I support, I have certain curiosities having never experienced a set first hand (again pun intended:) ):
- Do fake boobs have the same tactile and experiential qualities?
- Do they provide the same amount of pleasure for all parties? From the outside they seem pretty awesome....
-What is the perfect size that balances form vs function? (I know this is a bit subjective)

Any info is appreciated.

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RE:Boob Jobs

Talk her out of it. You love her as she is.

I have a close friend who got a boob job and she has had the implants break, now she is battling cancer. She told me about her experience, the pain and the healing afterwards.

My wife has wanted a "lift" and I said oh hell no.

She has breast fed two sons, and no they are not like 30 years ago, but I love them and don't want her to suffer through all of that for "a look."

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RE:Boob Jobs

Talk her out of it.

Agreed, natural is best.

If she insists, my experience is that implants do not have the same feel as the real thing. The sensitivity - I am told - by the woman is the same and some women like the look better.

A good friend - also a nudist - had them at around 35 and liked the way they looked and felt. By the time she was 50, she regretted having them.

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