Bromance SP

The relationship between two guys, heterosexual or a bit homo, it doesnt matter. It is a deep understanding of friendship for one another, that counts complicity and who has more affection, even if it manages jokes about being gay or not ... this is not the point. The most important thing is the support it offers to one another. Do you believe that? Did you have the chance to live like a...

How often do you keep in touch with your...

When you're not together, do you talk to each other on Facebook, text, etc. often? At least every day? Or would you get sick of talking to each other/not have much to say if you talked that often?

Los Angeles area...

Looking for local Los Angeles guys to hang out with. As much as I respect everyone's sexuality, I prefer straight guys who aren't interested in even the idea of something sexual. Just looking for platonic mates to hang naked with, board...

introducing myself / me apresentando

Hello everyone, I've recently joined the website and this group. I've recently moved into So Paulo downtown and I'm looking for new friends here! Ol pessoa, sou novo no site e no grupo. Acabei de me mudar pro centro de So Paulo e procuro...

my male friend

it started with a massage, and ended in a beautiful evening together

Just Joined Gloucester UK

HI Just joined the group, looking for UK meets, visit the beaches in Dorset and Devon regulary, want to get more intimate naked sessions

San Francisco Bay Area Hot Tubs Bonding

San Francisco Bay Area Hot Tubs Bonding any other fit male nudists in or around SF today down for hot tubs bonding? be cool to get a group of us dudes and chill at the van ness hot tubs for a few hours today. who's in?

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Dallas and Nashville Married Black Nudist In...

Hey men,Dallas nudist is seeking some cool men to hang out with in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth and Nashville Tenn. I reside in DFW but travel a lot to Nashville. I would love to find a man or some men to hang out with here at home or in Nashville. I'm...


Hey guys,I'm in the Cincinnati area and I'd like to make new friends with fellow nudists and hang out and have fun. Anyone from the Cincy area?


Always looking for male friends to hang. I like to bowl and watch sports. Scott

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Quero conversar com alguem em portugues, sou meio ruim no ingles, entao fica mais facil pra trocar ideia. Venham conversar!