Bromance SP

The relationship between two guys, heterosexual or a bit homo, it doesnt matter. It is a deep understanding of friendship for one another, that counts complicity and who has more affection, even if it manages jokes about being gay or not ... this is not the point. The most important thing is the support it offers to one another. Do you believe that? Did you have the chance to live like a...

What are your thoughts about two things?...

What are your thoughts about two subjects?... Kissing between bromance partners And, giving casual oral for your bromance partner as a way of sincere giving, fulfilling a need. What is your thinking on these issues? Is either appropriate in a...

Bromace Kik or skype group

Anyone know if their is a KIK or skype group to connect with others?

Telegram group for bromance

Let us have a global Telegram group for nudist bromance. The only requirements are that you be male and nudist.

Telegram group

Nudist lovers join

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by felixsoutham 

conviver nu eh super agradavel e com a vacina o convivio esta ficando menos perigoso... bora marcar? Abs Amauri

amizade real

algum brother cas tb, het afim de amizade real?

Friends nacked

Hey group, send me a message for make friends on telegram @jorge9990 Ese galera, moro em sp, me add no telegram @jorge9990


Im new here I hope am welcome add me on hangout/googlechat.

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Im new here I hope am welcome add me on hangout/googlechat.

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Long play

It a rare occasion to be able to play with somebody for a long time seems that once somebody gets off or does the dirty deed or touches somebody enough that person says it's time to clean up and get on the road . To touch or suck on them massage...


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