Bromance SP

The relationship between two guys, heterosexual or a bit homo, it doesnt matter. It is a deep understanding of friendship for one another, that counts complicity and who has more affection, even if it manages jokes about being gay or not ... this is not the point. The most important thing is the support it offers to one another. Do you believe that? Did you have the chance to live like a...

I have definitely blessed to have a few guys with whom I am very close on TN. A few guys from Physical Exams On Line reached out and asked me if I would play Doctor and they would play the patient. As the Doctor I got to ask lots of questions and the guys were very comfortable with me so they opened up and it has been a real opening up to me and I know things nobody else knows.
One guy has had about 7 physicals and has asked for another. He was so shy about being naked with men and wanted to work on that. He has come a long way. He told me I know things about his body that his wife doesn't know and has truly opened up to me.
We have a bond that goes beyond guy buddy relationships.
A few other guys have also reached out to me and it has been amazing the depth of what we have shared and we have never met in person.
I truly identify with Bromance. I have never known Male Bonding at this level.
Ask me about it and I wish the same for all guys in this group.
Feel free to reach out and say hello.

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