Burning Man Fans

This group is for anyone that has attended, wants to attend or wants to know why they should even know about the Burningman annual event and its social significance all year long and globally experienced. Refer to www.burningman.com for personal information education.

Burning in 2016

SCORED A TICKET! Last year was my virgin year and I knew I was a burner the second I hit the Playa. Looking for other nudists going this year - the freedom is best shared with the like-minded :])

ride share?

Hey! So I am wondering if there is anyone in the Pac NW area going to BM 2016 who might be willing to share a ride w me? Still not sure if I can go but if I do I may need a ride. Message me please. Casie

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Burners are awesome!

Hi all, Burners and Burning Man is awesome! I hope to attend next years event.

I am Currently at Burning Man and Naked

Best of both worlds, at Burning Man and naked. I just spent the entire first day at Burning Man riding my bike and walking amongst 1000s of other "burners", completely naked, what a great feeling! Any other nudists out there at Burning Man...

Gymnasium camp at Burning Man 2015

Burning Man is open for ticket registration now. I want to organize a camp themed around Ancient Greek gymnasium: The gymnasium in ancient Greece functioned as a training facility for competitors in public games. It was also a place for socializing...

New Sheriff in Town

Not that this will stop us, but... https://time.com/4010810/burning-man-2015-sheriff/ This is my first BM and I'd love to meet any others going this year, spend as much of it naked as possible. Add me and say hi.

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BM 2015

Any fellow nudists going this year?It would be great to meet up sometime!

Facebook group: Burners of Louisiana

Any burners that live in Louisiana are more than welcome to stop in and say hello! https://www.facebook.com/groups/burnersoflouisiana/

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2015 tickets

This year was kind of a disaster. Unless you had insanely high speed interned you pretty much didn't have a chance. Needless to say if any one has a spare ticket or vehicle pass floating around I'm in the market.

Naked in San Francisco

As all burners know, San Francisco is a haven for urban nudists. I do my best to work and play nude at least twice a week. Today, went off to a nearby SF beach and worked naked in the sun for a couple of hours, am headed to an inner-city nude mens...

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