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This group is for anyone that has attended, wants to attend or wants to know why they should even know about the Burningman annual event and its social significance all year long and globally experienced. Refer to www.burningman.com for personal information education.

Going back to BRC again this year!

Hey everyone. We had such an amazing time last year at Burning Man 2013. It was our first time and it met and exceeded all of our expectations, so we are going back!! We got our tickets mid Feb during the Directed Group Sale, so we are good to go....

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woo hoo!

Im leaving tomorrow! Im camping with some wonderful new friends in the tribe @ 4:00 and Desiderata. (in my own rv though. I know, its cheating. Deal with it.) thanks to everyone who talked me down from my moments of panic. see ya on the playa!

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38 Days till the Man Burns!! :-)

This group doesn't have a lot of activity, but I wanted to post again stating that we will be at Burning Man next month! We are very excited. We look forward to meeting all sorts of cool and interesting people. We are pulling our big old travel...


I have two tickets, an rv rented, a couple of beach cruisers and a bunch of other supplies (everything but groceries and water) and my friend bailed on me! I'm not sure if I'm up to going on my own or if I would really enjoy it solo. Feeling...

Burning Man 2013 - Cargo Cult

This group is sort of slow, but we thought we would start a new thread and maybe get some discussion going! Anyone planning to go to Burning Man next summer? We just bought our tickets for 2013 as a part of the holiday pre-sale. So all the ticket...

Iowa Regional Burn

Not sure if anyone else is close enough for this to matter, but we are attending the regional burn in Iowa the first weekend of October. Here is a link to the site for the burn. I know its short notice, and only two weeks away, but registration is...

less than 10 days'

see you at center camp!!

Past Events

I've attended 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and have my ticket for 2009. If you are attending, let's share camp locations and aspects of the event you are most excited about. Of course the break from the default world, art, creativity and community...