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Welcoming female neighbor caught me nude

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First a little background. We are a nudist family and raised our daughter as a nudist. Been living in the Atlanta area all our lives. We live nude at home. A new job took me to little town outside of Jacksonville, FL called Macclenny. We found a house and moved all our belongings last weekend. Wife and daughter still staying back in Atlanta until our daughter graduates in May.

On Monday I was sitting on my screened back porch nude. We are in a neighborhood but we have a privacy fence. I heard the doorbell ring so I got up to go inside and put on some shorts I keep handy for these occasions. As I went through the sliding glass door I realized our front door has a mixture of frosted and clear glass in it. I noticed a woman looking through one of the clear sections I assume to see if anyone was home. I did not know it was a straight shot from the front door to the sliding glass door. There I am totally nude trying to put on some shorts.

When I opened the door she said welcome to the neighborhood and gave me plate homemade chocolate chip cookies. I thanked her and apologized for her being able to see me nude. She immediately said not to worry that she goes nude at home at times. I felt a little relaxed then. I said the house is a mess since we have not unboxed anything yet but she was welcome to come in. To my surprise she did.

As we sat down on the back porch she said "don't let me keep you from being nude. It is your house. Please feel free to take your shorts off." So I did. Jokingly I said you are welcome to be nude too. She laughed and said she would pass right now. We chatted about our families and told her we were nudists, about where we are from and about my job. She told me about her family. They have a boy 8 yo and daughter 14 yo. She said they are not nudists but go nude when getting out of shower or when getting up or just whenever the mood is right. Not necessarily everyone but individually as they choose.

She did mention she and daughter like to sunbathe but don't because of the neighbors gawking at the in their bikinis. I said since I have a private back yard so they were welcome to use it anytime even if no one is here. She thanked me and left after I once again apologized and thanked her for the cookies.

Well today I got home from work about 4 pm and went to my bedroom from the garage to undress and go sit on the back porch. Very nice weather today...sunny and mid 80s. When I got on the porch I saw 2 lounge chairs facing away from me in the backyard. As I closed my door I heard my neighbor say "come join us". Was not sure if I should put on shorts when I heard her say "if you are nude that is okay." Still did know who the other person was but assumed she and her daughter were sunbathing in their bikinis. I asked if the person with her knew I was nude and she said yes. So I headed on out with a chair to join them.

As I came around their chairs I was totally surprised. She and her daughter were both totally nude. Wow! They both looked so good. Both with nice firm tits and both cleanly shaved. She introduced me to her daughter and we chatted for maybe an hour. We talked about my wife and daughter and I showed them pictures of both of them. She finally said they needed to go so she could cook supper for her family. I was invited to join them and I accepted. She said she would ask her husband and son if we they wanted to meet me nude or clothed and I would find out when I get there.

I am looking forward to supper tonight clothed or nude.

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