Circumcised Naturists

This group is for all people who are circumcised or those (male or female) who like the way it looks and feels! You can chat, share experience or get in touch with others here who feel the same way.

I'm so grateful I'm circumcised :)

Hi, I just wanted to share how thankful I am to be cut and have the head of my cock exposed at all times. It makes me feel more comfortable when I'm seen walking around naked, knowing my penis looks the way it's supposed to be with the head...


Is the terminology "roundhead" for circumcised and "cavalier" for intact universal in the English-speaking world, or is it just British? When I was at school, a boy conducted a small survey on this issue, asking every pupil he...

any cuts in chicago area

Looking for anyone in Chicago area

Recently joined

Hi from Indiana. Im a new member whos glad to be a part of this group. Dennis

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Central Florida looking for friends.

I would like to meet and make friends with other nudists in the central Florida area. I am 61 and married however my wife will not participate in my nudist activities. Maybe if we meet other people socially she would feel more comfortable.

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Mushroom head

Do all circumcised guys have mushrooms heads? My head is so big Im glad I dont have to battle foreskin. Uncircumcised penises can look beautiful natural but not sure I could deal with all the issues that can occur

Scorchio today

I think that today is due to be warmer than yesterday (I am near London in the UK). I wish there was a naturist club near by to enjoy time in the buff outdoors.

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Cut with frenulum

I have the best of both worlds. Cut but have an intact frenulum, that sensitive band of skin that connects the head to the penile skin. Usually it gets cut when a circumcision is done.See diagram if you dont know what a frenulum...

Happy 4th July...

... to our US friends. Always good to think that so many of you are circumcised. And as I am cut too, it's a nice common bond to be aware of Any of you (UK or Europe based had such thought when travelling to the US... or US guys when visiting...