Circumcised Naturists

This group is for all people who are circumcised or those (male or female) who like the way it looks and feels! You can chat, share experience or get in touch with others here who feel the same way.

I know I was cut but...

My cut is definitely there but my cock like to hang out in its hoodie most of the time. I just have an excess of skin to spare. Its kinda nice but people question it from time to time. Anyone else get the semi cut 80s special?

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Cut 2000

I had my Circumcision done back in 2000 as i had trouble retracting the foreskin over the head. I dont regret the decision having it done never had any complaints from my ex gf's, did have to fight the nurses at the hospital the day of the...

Open Skype Group - Mushroom Penis Heads

I enjoy the look of a circumcised penis and enjoy seeing them on my nudist buds. If a buddy is uncut, I like him to pull back the foreskin and show off his glans to me. Does anyone else really get into the sight and attraction of a large mushroom...

Getting cut

Im getting cut soon and wish to chat with people how got it done later in life

Like my cut cock

I like my cut cock, happy to share pics and see pics of your beautiful cut dick. Contact me, friend me, and lets share pics. phxnudist on Snapchat if youd like to go that route. Thanks. Rick


Hello I'm new here, not sure what to expect but here's a pic of me. I would welcome any comments, preferably good :o)

Circumcised later in life

I was cut in September last year at the age of 55 after thinking of having it done for years. I had it done for personal reasons and I don't regret it for an instant. I'm not sure how I would have felt about it had I been circumcised by my...

A reminiscence

Shortly before my ex-wife and I split up after 32 years of marriage, she mentioned that when our elder son was born, her mother had asked her if we were going to have him circumcised, in case he wanted to practise the Jewish religion. My wife...

Showing VCD

Recently bought two pairs of medium gray open leg sweatpants. One pair I shortened a few inches and the other I made into mid-thigh shorts. While wearing the shorts for the first time yesterday, my wife remarked she could see I wasnt wearing...

Snapchat group for cut nudists?

If youre a cut (or wannabe cut) nudist whod like to be in a Snapchat group for cut men, text me on Snapchat at phxnudist and say hi, cut Snapchat group! If I get enough responses, Ill form the group. Please, no uncut guys who want to lecture us how...


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