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Share your CMNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some are due to shared living circumstances or due to a nudist being comfortable in front of others. Some include embarrassment to the clothed guy, the naked guy, or both, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or those with multiple...

was able to be myself with Car club

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was doing a photo shoot with a car club im in it was a long day between doing a car show Dinner and then off to a spot to do photo shoot we all were having a good time someone stated its warm and i said while flapping my shirt up and down, it sure is and you know what im done and i stripped down to nothing it was a nice as fellow members thought nothing of it and we continued on with our day couple other members went half nude just to support me , that was my recent experience

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RE:was able to be myself with Car club

Great story!

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RE:was able to be myself with Car club

thank you i truly have a great bunch of friends

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