Clothed Male, Nude Male

Share your CMNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some are due to shared living circumstances or due to a nudist being comfortable in front of others. Some include embarrassment to the clothed guy, the naked guy, or both, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or those with multiple...

I am the only naked person in a restaurant...

In a large naturist center on the French Atlantic coast, it was not uncommon to meet people dressed during the day. Certainly we were only in April but the good weather allowed nudity at least from 10am in the morning until around 6pm in the...

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nude modeling

i did some posing for dude from where i work he like trained artist but give up to do finance work so always he at corporate gym where i work - seen me naked alla time so ask if i wanna make some extra cash pose naked for him his place - like if im...

Nude in the dorm

When i was a student at Moody Bible Institute my dorm room was on the 7th floor. We had one floor mate that would start undressing in the elevator and stay nude the entire time he was on the floor. The common area was across the hall from his dorm...

Anyone in Tucson whos planning a TN get...

Does anyone in Tucson who is a member of TN or any nudist group that has a private residence and willing to sponsor a get together for other TN/nudist people? Weather is warming up and if you have a pool, a summer BBQ would be nice to have with...

At the Clothing Optional Resort

Today a friend and i went to an all male clothing optional resort. Since ot was midweek there were not many there. He and i were the only ones naked, the three owners were there and were dressed when we arrieved and they all stayed dressed.

My first time CMNM

I just moved into a new flat about 4 weeks ago. I have one flatmate the lives here full time and one that did by occasionally. When I first moved in, I asked if they cared if I wear pants or not. I prefer to wear a t-shirt at most, if it's warm...

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was able to be myself with Car club

was doing a photo shoot with a car club im in it was a long day between doing a car show Dinner and then off to a spot to do photo shoot we all were having a good time someone stated its warm and i said while flapping my shirt up and down, it sure...

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by MRnudist69 
London CMNM Group

Hi Guys, I have started a London CMNM group, we will be hosting CMNM house party in the coming months. join us now at

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UK Anyone?

Anyone here in the UK fancy trying to organise an event?

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Art posing

I was recently asked to pose for a figure drawing class. A nudist friend is the organizer, and he told me about it at a nude party. I agreed to hear more and consider it, and he said he'd keep me posted. A couple weeks later, he told me about an...


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