Clothed Male, Nude Male

Share your CMNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some are due to shared living circumstances or due to a nudist being comfortable in front of others. Some include embarrassment to the clothed guy, the naked guy, or both, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or those with multiple...

Nude river float turns mandatory.

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Two days ago my wife and I floated down the White River in NW Arkansas in tubes. I stripped down upon entry, my wife stayed clothed. The entire three hour float was along uninhabited banks of trees and we saw no homes or people. I had my shorts inside the tube which has a mesh seat. My shirt was back in the car where we put in.
At one point we failed to clear a fallen tree and got entangled in the branches. I hopped out of my tube to pull us both back into the current. The river was much deeper than expected and I went under, losing my hat and drink and capsizing my tube. I collected the floating items and swan the two tubes to safety having to make it to shallow water to get back in my tube.
About ten minutes further downstream. I felt around for my shorts (which I'd been more or less sitting on) and they were gone! A casualty of the capsizing. I was now completely nude with out a way to cover up - in Arkansas where this is illegal. Surrendering to the situation we continued the float. We pulled out at a spot I know with deep thick mud after rains and I submerged my body in mud. Hauling myself out I joked that I was legal as long as I didn't wash. A swim returned me to instant glorious nudity and we floated for another hour. The other places I was visible were two bridges with car traffic we floated under. The second was our take-out spot where we had parked the second car. It was mostly out of sight as I clambered up the bank and across a small field to enter the car. The two homeowners with houses in sight would have had to be looking out at the right time. I then drove my wife to our other car - the place had become crowded with fishermen so she got out to drive that car home. I drove about 20 minutes on busy streets to reach home. Anyone next to me in a taller profile vehicle had a clear view of a naked driver. When I got home I realized I was in the car we park outside so I just got out and walked up the drive into our garage. Our neighborhood is quiet and sleepy and I don't think anyone saw.
I figured losing my pants in a "near-drowning" was a great excuse. I didn't plan to mention that they were not on me when they abandoned ship.
A really fun adventure. Avoided arrest, poison ivy rash, sunburn (thanks, SPF30) and drowning in a rain swollen river.

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