Clothes On Clothes Off

To compare ourselves clothed (as most people see us) and naked ( as nudists see us).

On video or live only???

Hello, how are ya'all doing? Does this group always meet in person or is it sometimes on video or video chat My Hangouts is Thank you

Stripped while others watch

Being stripped in front of other is so exciting. When I visit a certain guesthouse in Spain I can count on being stripped in front of other guests. We spend the day naked and the dress to go out for a drink in the evening. On return I'm tied up...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check out my new project out and send your photos if you want :)

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For the love of being nude

This group is great i often wonder when i see people outside what they would look like nude and indeed are they fellow nudists. I am a nudist but have had limited exposure to other nude people, i would dearly love to change all that. I expect others...

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Charity Strip

I have heard of fundraising events where people auction articles of the clothing they are wearing and remove them and give them to the highest bidder. Has anyone hear ever done that? If so, what did you sell and what did you keep?


You can compare. In my work clothes and my nudity.

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A Happy New(de) Year!

Great idea with the beer can X-Mas tree, Ollie. To celebrate the New Year, hopefully better and nuder (and to test the censors, who usually delete all my such pics for some reasons), I posted a few of my clothes on - clothes off pics, normally...

Merry Christmas

I have a very ecological Christmas tree made from 200 empty beer cans. Here it (and I) is bare and dressed

My one article of clothing

My one article of clothing would be a tee shirt that would have hung to about crotch level. That way I tease anyone wanting a look and also easy enough for it to expose everything by raising my arms, letting whoever get a good view.


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