Clothes On Clothes Off

To compare ourselves clothed (as most people see us) and naked ( as nudists see us).

My one article of clothing

My one article of clothing would be a tee shirt that would have hung to about crotch level. That way I tease anyone wanting a look and also easy enough for it to expose everything by raising my arms, letting whoever get a good view.

Jobs around the house

[I can paint. Wallpaper. Tile cleaning, plus many others Either fully dressed or totally naked

Stripping nude

How about some photos of us stripping, or some stories

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Pics disappearing

Lots of pics and most videos we post on our profile disappear after various amounts of time. This concerns ALL dressed-undressed pics. Tested with 3 pics on this specialised group and 2 disappeared after one day. Not sure if this a bug or a feature...

One Piece

Obviously ur naked, what 1 article of clothing would you pick as an outfit and why? Necktie is my choice. Multiple fabrics, colors, designs, etc. Plus it's the perfect arrow (get it) lol

Too bad this group is abandoned

We (well, mostly Daniel) love dressed-undressed pics and have tons of them (well, mostly of Flora's). But it looks like only guys post pics here - either their own or pics taken from the internet. Which is a pity. Also, maybe it shouldn't be...

Stripped while others watch

Being stripped in front of other is so exciting. When I visit a certain guesthouse in Spain I can count on being stripped in front of other guests. We spend the day naked and the dress to go out for a drink in the evening. On return I'm tied up...


If I had to wear one piece of clothing. I would choose, underwear. I like being naked but if I had to wear something this would be it because it is the next thing to being nude Also my package would still be visible at times for those that want to...