Clothes On Clothes Off

To compare ourselves clothed (as most people see us) and naked ( as nudists see us).

Stripping nude

How about some photos of us stripping, or some stories

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by sangroid2 
One Piece

Obviously ur naked, what 1 article of clothing would you pick as an outfit and why? Necktie is my choice. Multiple fabrics, colors, designs, etc. Plus it's the perfect arrow (get it) lol


If I had to wear one piece of clothing. I would choose, underwear. I like being naked but if I had to wear something this would be it because it is the next thing to being nude Also my package would still be visible at times for those that want to...

Web photos

I found these on the Web and thought people might enjoy seeing them.

Just Joined

I have always found the dressed/undressed comparisons fascinating so immediately joined the group when I saw it on my feed. I do believe in paying my own way so have posted a pic of my wife on our living room couch in both states. Looking forward to...

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Looking good

I think we look better when naked and the ladies look younger


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