Commando Women

This is for women who go commando or don't wear underwear and for men intrigued by them. The original Commando Women were ladies of the night in Bond Street, London, UK. But it applies to any women who shun their undies.

The Waiter

This took place many years ago but I still think about it to this day. I was a waiter in a very high end establishment. Waiters wore tux's and full service. I had a favorite patron that only let me wait on her. She was in her mid 20's and...

Thanks for bringing me into the group

Going commando is the best substitute to being naked. I have some very small lycra shorts I use to run in and always go commando. My wife is the same and has no problems with anyone being aware. She has been known to tease if she spots someone...

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Too much text so here is a pic

Too much text and too little pics, so here is one i did recently. I made the dress my self to be perfect exactly for "i didnt know you can see anything" moments.

Public display

I went to a Salsa class with a lot of other old people. Before teaching us the basic movements the couple gave a demonstration. It young lady wore a loose dress which just hung from the shoulders. As she swayed and spun it flew out revealing she was...

no panties for good reason!

After my stroke, I was left with no use of my left arm, Over the last 5 years have found ways to manage about everything, except for pulling up my panties and slacks. By the time I got my panties up, they would drop about 5 times, I was to wore out...

Hope this turns out to be a fun group[

Seems my mature wife is going commando and bra less more and more each day. She says it's just too comfortable not to.

New to Group

Hi all, I'm pleased that I have found this Group.

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Thank you

For letting us know about this group.

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