Commando Women

This is for women who go commando or don't wear underwear and for men intrigued by them. The original Commando Women were ladies of the night in Bond Street, London, UK. But it applies to any women who shun their undies.

Long time

It looks like a long time since anyone has posted for the group. Don't know who this woman is for the cover but she's beautiful. Every now and then I do go "commando" myself. I have to admit half is because of the feel, the other...

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Down Town

I was walking behind an attractive young woman into an outdoor mall downtown. She was wearing a T-shirt and this intriguing short black gathered skirt. A gust of wind caught her skirt and exposed her entire bottom. She certainly wasn't wearing...

Going commando

I really like not wearing underwear in the summer when wearing shorts. My girlfriend likes it too. It's really easy for to reach over and slip her hand around my cock. It's not as comfortable wearing blue jeans though .

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by minimalist75 

I was invited to a wedding with a group of friends and I somehow get roped into being the designated driver. While the rest of my friends were taking advantage of the open bar I sat at my table watching a hot young and rather drunk brides maid...

Where do you guys go commando

It's such a lovely feeling to have no underwear on, but where do you do it, commando all the time or in some places, add me as a friend and you can tell me Hope everyone's having a great day!

No Panties For Years

My wife hasn't worn panties for about 25 years, she hates them. She only wears them now when I ask her to for some sexy fun, (when I can get some). I miss the sensual feel of her through the soft gusset. See through ones were her best when she...


I hate wearing panties although I do enjoy a really small thong sometimes. Pretty new to TN so would love to hear from you gals x

Going without

i almost never wear underwear and i love the fact that it almost feels like being nude while completely appropriate even for city life especially with a dress which have a lot of movements

Fuerteventura: Villa share? October 2023

Might there be a lady member of this group who would consider sharing a villa for a week in Fuerteventura in October 2023? Planning to stay on the Jandia peninsula. Platonic outlook but want to enjoy shared nudism in the sun! Please contact me via...

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Commando is the way to go

Especially if you live in/around a place where you can't roam around around nude.