Commando Women

This is for women who go commando or don't wear underwear and for men intrigued by them. The original Commando Women were ladies of the night in Bond Street, London, UK. But it applies to any women who shun their undies.

No Panties For Years

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My wife hasn't worn panties for about 25 years, she hates them. She only wears them now when I ask her to for some sexy fun, (when I can get some).
I miss the sensual feel of her through the soft gusset. See through ones were her best when she used to wear them.
I miss them so much, so now I wear panties instead of her and she loves it.

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RE:No Panties For Years

sounds as though you have that one sorted, I would wear them too.

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RE:No Panties For Years

My wife hasn't worn panties for about 25 years, she hates them.i encourage my wife not to wear them. She rarely goes commando. Not that she likes them just that she feels uncomfortable without them. Im like well once you don't wear them for awhile you get comfortable. lol. I hardly wear underwear.

Do you have very little underwear since you rarely wear any?

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RE:No Panties For Years

Reading this made me realise that I've been going without for 20 years now, how time flies. Unlike the OP's wife I don't go commando all the time, just a lot of the time. I first started doing it in my student days, often on nights out when I'd actually run out of clean knickers (I'm not much better with washing now). i liked the way it felt under skirts and dresses and have carried on using it as an option ever since. Happens more in the warmenr months and helps that I don't often wear trousers/jeans. Kind of a happy accident really, girls who always wear undies are missing out.

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