Daring Nudists!!

For nudists who are not afraid of trying anything new! Such as getting naked at work after everyone leaves, streaking, Driving a car naked...Fun things that might get us into trouble that excites us. And please feel free to write about the craziest thing you done in the nude :)

Naked at fitting room

I went shopping to walmart and decided to have some fun since I was already there, so I took some clothes, went to the fitting room and got naked while I pretended to try on the clothes I took. It was thrilling, since you can hear lots of people...

Checking real estate nude

I went to look at a house that was for sale near the town I live in. I got there and noticed it was vacant. I took my clothes off and walked around the house and property enjoying the warm summer sunshine while I was nude. It was a very enjoyable...

Orlando Florida Area?

Any other Nudist in the Orlando Fl area?

Latest Post
Accidentally nude in public

Has anyone ever had an experience where they were stripped nude in public, be it whether your clothes were accidentally ripped or torn off?, leaving you completely nude? This has happened a few times in my case, where my shorts were torn off during...

Streaking at a parade

Going back a few years when the Flyers won the Stanley Cup they had a parade down Broad Street in Philadelphia 20 of my friends and myself went to the parade where we all indulged in a few beers and drinks halfway through the parade my girlfriend at...

Taking the dogs out

I live in a very populated area in a city in Virginia. I generally stick to home nudity with the exceptional visit to a nude resort or a weekend out of town at a very secluded home of some friends. I have developed a daring routine of sorts which has...

Something Fun

Today I was out tanning nude when heard a guy drive by on a scooter bike and stop at the end of the road and shut it off. So I walked down there butt naked to about 30 feet from him and said whatsup. He was digging in the storage compartment rolling...

morning paper streak

I have shared before how i daily streak out to get the paper at curbside each morning year round. Today as I looked out the window before stepping out I realized that there was a pickup truck parked across the road with the inside lights on. Aah, 2nd...

Nude mirror selfies

As I was pursuing various groups and forums, I came across a challenge to take a mirror selfie in a public place...bathroom, gym, dressing room, etc. The idea of the thread was points are awarded for the degree of nudity. So many points for totally...

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