Daring Nudists!!

For nudists who are not afraid of trying anything new! Such as getting naked at work after everyone leaves, streaking, Driving a car naked...Fun things that might get us into trouble that excites us. And please feel free to write about the craziest thing you done in the nude :)

Looking to be daring.

Hey everyone, Im getting a bit tired of just hanging out at home so Im looking for ideas or dares I guess of places to go and things to do while nude. I have a bit of a wild streak in me so let me know what youve got for me to try! Thanks everyone!

I love public nudity

I love public nudity. I consider myself an exhibitionist as well as a nudist. So sometimes it's a rush being nude in places I shouldn't be

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Another nude hike

Got up this morning and wanted to get a hike in before it got hot. Jumped in truck and drove over to the trails parking area nude. No one was there so hopped out of truck and strolled across the road and entered the trails. Got in an hpur hike and...

love the danger, the excitement and the...

love the danger of public nudity, brief glimpses of the forbidden fruit, naughty and so arousing

I had gotten more daring, went nude hiking...

I went hiking nude again on the hike and bike trail and this time got a little more bolder since downtown is usually deserted. However I still do not want to walk downtown as there is hardly any place to hide if I am spotted. So I stayed nude close...

Harder to Be Daring

Many years ago I found a secluded beach on Key Biscayne off Miami, Florida. It was an extension of a popular, beautiful textile beach. The nude portion was way beyond the clothed beach and not widely known as frequented by nudists. The two easiest...

Balcony pic

I stayed at a rustic hotel up in the mountains of the Philippines. My roomie was a free spirit cool guy so I asked him to take some pics of me out on the balcony one foggy morning.

Walked naked at my local hike and bike trail

I walked naked at the hike and bike trail in my area. Nobody hikes that trail at night, usually, so I wore pants without underwear, a t-shirt, and then once I walked down the trail entrance I started to strip down and put my clothes in my backpack...

Local hiking trails

Just got back from a 4 mile hike on some local hiking trails near me. There were 4 vehicles and a police car at the main parking area when i drove by naked. I had the window down and waved at the cop. I pulled down the road a few hunded yards where...

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