Daring Nudists!!

For nudists who are not afraid of trying anything new! Such as getting naked at work after everyone leaves, streaking, Driving a car naked...Fun things that might get us into trouble that excites us. And please feel free to write about the craziest thing you done in the nude :)

Painted on clothes

It's a bit busy around where I am Birmingham UK . So i was toying with th idea of painting a pair of shorts on myself and going for walks in the woods or countryside. from a distance i don't think anyone would suspect that i am naked. Anyone...

Naked in nature

What i like is having nude pictures in nature,shorts out and there we go :-)

Slept in a bit too late

I awoke just before sunrise to some ground fog and thanks to recent rains, corn tall enough to mostly hide me from the road. I did do a 1/4 mile out along the edge of the field with nothing but Crocs on and not even shorts in my hand before deciding...


How do you post pictures.? And where are the pictures others post?

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we need a good rain

We had perfect rains for a while, then July came along and it got dry. The corn planted in May is well over head high. But the farmer planted the 2 fields across from me way late and they are only knee high. I hiked along them today thinking "...

the movies

I have been to a couple of mid day matinees when the theater only had a few other people in it. Once in my seat i stripped everything off except my shirt until the lights went off, then off came my shirt. I usually picked the back row where there was...

I love being daring

I love being a dating nudist. I guess part of it is I'm very much of an exhibitionist! Plus it is such a rush!


I'm looking for people to snapchat daring things with. I've had a bit of a wild streak lately and would like to snap people that have the same idea like giving dares to eachother or just chatting.Snapchat: da.pendl

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by kinsey 
My plan for the day

There is a woods behind me owned by a neighbor who knows and is fine with my nude habits. He has sold some lumber from the woods. The guys started cutting down trees yesterday. So far today I have wandered the woods with only my Crocs on and took a...

I love being daring

I love being a dating nudist. I guess part of it is I'm very much of an exhibitionist! Plus it is such a rush!

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