Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.


We had family stay with us for 2 weeks, (none naturist) so everything was kept well wrapped, lol So when the day came for me to take them back to the airport, I had thoughts of stripping naked the moment I got home. But as I drove out of Alicante...

Brisbane to Woodburn

I had an enjoyable nude drive home the other day,205km of freedom with the sun on my body.

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New Driving Naked group started ...

I've tried to make contact with the current moderator. They have not logged on in over 5 years. The owners of TN stated that it was easier for me to start a new group than to take over this one ... so I have. After this post, I will delete my...

naked drives

just love the freedom of naked driving but hard to get away with it in england! :-)

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Trucking Naked

I have been a nudist for years, and have driven my 18 wheeler all over the U.S., and all overCanada too.I have seen others driving naked, and even a few truckers driving naked,as it is SO MUCH COOLER in the summer months, and MUCH more comfortable...

seat belt cuts sticks to my skin

For those of you in warmer climates... We have had a few weeks of warm temps in Tampa bay Florida. I find driving naked to have the seat belt shoulder strap stick to my sweaty skin and cuts into my neck on the side ... and the lap belt too. Its...

My naked drive

Well, i have a video here of me driving naked...not fully,but at least with my pants down..

Cross Country Driving

Several years ago I moved from Kansas City in the middle of the US to Philadelphia on the East Coast - nude all the way. I was driving a big Penske van with all my stuff packed in the back. As soon as I got in, I took off the shorts and opened my...

A naked driver

Last Thursday I was finishing work in High Wycombe the sun was beating down and the sky was blue and thought to myself, I need to get my cloths off and get in the car, so I pulled out from where I was working and into a laybye, stripped off and had...


Have driven naked in Fuerteventura. Someone thumbed a lift but I kept driving...saw the two fingers in the rear view mirror. Lol.

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