Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Need the motivation to do it again after...

I have been enjoying driving naked since I started driving. Last year on Christas eve I was in a 60mph head on collision on my way home from work. Since my accident everytime I have the urge to drive naked I chicken out, out of fear I get into...

Paying Bills in the Nude

The weather warmed up a littleso I'm headed out the doornaked to go pay some bills. Having a 4 wheel drive does help, but got to watch that first step, its a doosey! Fell out all over the parking lot once...


If you've read my other posts about driving naked you know I'm reluctant to drive any time other than at night on country roads. I see posts from people who drive nude, night and day, for long distances, through populated areas, and to run...

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Yes it is cold but thanks for the sun!

Today I had to drive over 600 miles round trip. When I started back toward home it was about 27 degrees but sunny. Although it never got above 45 for most of the trip it was very warm in my car since it was such a bright sunny day. So I took my...

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Night is best

In the 90's I worked till midnight, and would undress in parking lot and drive midtown to North Memphis nude. would stop at stop signs and do a lap around the car every now and then, never got caught but did ask if I need help by a good samaritan

Drive Naked into that good night

......It was a hot, muggy July morning in Norfolk, Virginia in 1988 as I was driving home from a great visit with a US Navy buddy and his family. I'm sure it was already in the upper 80s at 7am in the morning. My car did NOT have AC..so I opened...

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Nude trip

Enjoyed a lovely nude drive home from a friend's last night. 2 and a half hours back from the seaside - lovely journey.

Naked commute starts the day right

I have driven naked a few times before but last night I decided to drive to work naked today. In preparation, I put my clothes in the car on the passenger seat and shoes on the car floor last night. I was excited thinking about it when I woke up. It...

orlando anyone

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