Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Who can see me experiment

I did my morning commute naked three days last week. Drove home naked one afternoon. I was really starting to wonder if other drivers could see so I conducted an experiment while I was wearing shorts. I laid my phone in my lap and pointed the camera...


Every chance I get I drive nude or atleast bottomless. I love the feeling and I do that every chance I get even when wife and I drive to Wal-Mart. Last time was earlier this week. What about everyone else when did you drive nude or half nude

Do you really care who sees you?

I have been driving naked most of my adult life, and I really do not worry about who sees me. I am a nudist, I love the nudist lifestyle, if someone wants to look, I am not concerned with that. It's just natural the way God made me.

When and where do you drive naked ?

I am just wondering where and when you drive naked. Here in Belgium we do not have a lot of deserted roads where it is really "save" do drive naked. Ik drive sometimes naked from my work home. I have to take the highway so I can mostly...

first long trip nude

So I am going to be driving for about 10 hours next week and I am wanting it be nude the whole way. Any tips or suggestions? What about having the windows down? find that more people notice that way?

Sometimes I drive nude

Feels great when u can just chill and drive nude. I do that from time to time.

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Germany Naket from Hamburg to Bayern 04.07.17

Ich biete eine Nackte Mitfahrgelegenheit. Dabei fahre ich am 4.7.17 von Hamburg nach Schweinfurt bzw. Knigsberg in Bayern. Ich kann zwei strecken nutzen entweder ber kassel oder nhe Erfurt. Also biete ich hier eine Mitfahrgelegenheit von Ecke...

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Addicted to naked driving

I've never been addicted to anything, unless coffee counts. But since I took up naked driving a few years ago, I find myself doing it more and more. I started out at night to be careful, but now drive in the daylight. I think about what it would...

Driving my 18 wheeler naked

Hello fellow nudists, who enjoy driving naked. I have driven my 18 wheeler naked for MANY miles over the years, and have never had a negative response from others who have seen me driving naked, (other truckers, people in motor homes, etc.), but I...

Nude at carwash

I drove thru carwash nude on Sunday... great feeling! Anyone else have nude fun this w/e?


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