Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

A case for driving naked in cold weather

Picture this: (no I'm not Sophia Petrillo, it's not about Sicily): It is a bright sunny day, snow on the ground but pavement is dry, temp 40 F . I have a 5.5 hour drive to Illinois. I have the option of setting the thermostat that will...


Ok seems like we all drive naked at one point. But what is it your driving naked in?? I drive a 2015 dodge challenger.

Happy Saint Patty's Day To All

Hope Everybody Has A Happy Saint Patty's Day!

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Driving bottomless in the Canaries

What a nice feeling to drive around in just a T-shirt! As others have said, no-one thinks twice when seeing a driver with top half clothed. Little do they know the freedom & good feeling of having your privates in the fresh air and sunshine!

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Driving naked in the outback

Drove 450km naked in 40C heat yesterday. Most of it open road so passed a few cars n trucks. Only one town on the route that I drove from Cobar to Broken Hill so didnt cover up for that

Naked commercial driving

Some time ago now when I drove a big rig over the road I maid a few trips wearing nothing at all. It was easier to do than making a trip to the supermarket. The rigs I drove had sleeping compartments that we're as accommodating as a motor home....

Who can see me experiment

I did my morning commute naked three days last week. Drove home naked one afternoon. I was really starting to wonder if other drivers could see so I conducted an experiment while I was wearing shorts. I laid my phone in my lap and pointed the camera...


Every chance I get I drive nude or atleast bottomless. I love the feeling and I do that every chance I get even when wife and I drive to Wal-Mart. Last time was earlier this week. What about everyone else when did you drive nude or half nude

Do you really care who sees you?

I have been driving naked most of my adult life, and I really do not worry about who sees me. I am a nudist, I love the nudist lifestyle, if someone wants to look, I am not concerned with that. It's just natural the way God made me.

When and where do you drive naked ?

I am just wondering where and when you drive naked. Here in Belgium we do not have a lot of deserted roads where it is really "save" do drive naked. Ik drive sometimes naked from my work home. I have to take the highway so I can mostly...


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