Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

What is worn under a kilt

I wear nothing under my kilt and it makes it really easy for me to open it up virtually driving naked

Driving to Knoxville from Long Island, nude

So I have a wedding to attend in the middle of May with my wife who is not a nudist. We will drive there and back. I never really told her that I love driving nude but she knows I love being nude in general. About a year ago I had driven to the race...

Its a dream

I dream to be able to drive nakednot a good idea in this country

Nude Driving Cars

So Im considering trading in my car for something new. I currently drive a 2011 Hyundai Elentra GT and would like to get something new. What cars would you recommend thats good for those who like to drive nude

Happy Friday yall!

What a wonderful Friday!!! Finally some sunshine

Good two weeks

Went 500 mile to yuba City with a side trip to remington hot springs. Then several day trips with hikes. And then back home. The long trips only needed cover for the one stop of gas and food. Lots of s7n and cool breezes.

A different drive

I don't know if it counts as 'driving', but we recently completed a nearly 900 mile trip on the boat, and almost all of it was nude. The only time we put anything on was to transit locks or stop at a marina. It was really relaxing.

I can still remember my first time driving...

it was all because I lost a bet with my girlfriend, and in order to pay up I had to drive back to base nude. We were in Denver CO and we were heading back to Rapid City SD it was a 6 hr drive at just over 380 miles. The exhilaration, excitement, and...


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