Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Didnt want to spoil the day with clothes

Normally Im nervous about the idea of driving nude but I have done it before. Today, at my wifes urging,I took the day off and went to Laguna Del Sol for some much needed relaxation. Lifes been insanely busy lately and I wanted to take full...

Weekly thing.

I've been working out of town the last couple of months now. I figured if l take the old highway there is hardly any traffic and l can drive nude. I can get about 40 milrs in before having to get dressed again.

to drive or not to drive

This morning I drove naked to work. My wife saw me get undressed before I left. She knows I like to drive naked. I have done I t with her in the car. She told me she does not approve of me driving naked alone. She stated the what if . What if you...

Does ride matter?

So here is a question, for those of you who enjoy the open road. Does your enjoyment of the ride influence what car you drive? I have ridden nude in every car I own since the 90s. Starting with a lifted Bronco II. Most my vehicle set up being trucks...

A little fun with wifey

Every now and then I'll pull off the shorts while wifey is in the store or otherwise occupied. It's fun to see how long it takes for her to notice. More than once, she didn't notice until I got out of the car.

Driving naked

Since last week I sometimes drive and when on an empty road take my shorts off, its so liberating. I also found a quiet spot near my house where can park the car and take all my clothes of and just relax in the nude for a while. Really hope can do...

Naked Driving is INCREDIBLE!

So last week I decided I should get naked while driving - keeping shirt on only. I had to go to San Antonio from Austin to pick up a puppy of all things so I just stripped at home and off I went. It was an awesome experience driving down IH 35 with...

What is worn under a kilt

I wear nothing under my kilt and it makes it really easy for me to open it up virtually driving naked

Driving to Knoxville from Long Island, nude

So I have a wedding to attend in the middle of May with my wife who is not a nudist. We will drive there and back. I never really told her that I love driving nude but she knows I love being nude in general. About a year ago I had driven to the race...


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