Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Ultimate Nude Drive

Someone posted elsewhere on this site that the most daring way to drive nude was in a Jeep with the doors and roof off. Has anyone here done so? If you have, where?

Nice day for a drive

Had to work on a Sunday so decided to drive home naked

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Big Brother is Voyeuristic

Talk-back radio in Melbourne today discussed the upcoming implementation of overhead cameras to catch people using mobile phones in illegal ways (handheld) while driving. Having done a trial without infringements being issued, they shall roll out...

Latest PostLoL
by aus_nude 

Just driven naked on Fraser Island Queensland AU - you drive on the Eastern side beach and can go the whole 75 miles naked - stop off and have a naked swim any were - you see people just park and run into the sea naked - fantastic!!

Drove home naked from work today

And I was seen by a trucker! He honked at me and tried to catch up with me! It was kind of exciting!

No problem driving nude!

I drive nude quite often- going from Phoenix to Los Angeles is a frequent trip for me. Ive made a game of it to see what I can challenge myself to do while staying nude. I fill the car with gas, and go in to the restroom at the rest stop - staying...

Naked drive

I love to drive naked. I get naked everyday after work and I drive home naked its so relaxing. Every road trip I take I try to make it a naked journey as well. I dont feel comfortable getting out naked to put gas though its different for a guy Im...

TUCSON AZ best places to drive nude

Hoping to find some similar kinks who love to drive around the Old Pueblo nekkid!! Where do you think the best places to enjoy nude driving? A Mountain? Skyline Dr?

Naughty prank

Someone put a note in an envelope on the back of my small van. On the outside was written ' To the naughty nudists'. We'd been to a mountain nude spa and were late starting out to get home that evening and were totally unaware why there...

short drive home nude.

I done this before. Having the day off the wife still had to work. We got up and ready to go I drove her to work dropped her off. Had my shoes off before leaving the parking lot and pants off with in a block. Shirt was last to come off. It takes...


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