Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

First time getting out of the car

On Saturday I drove home named, nothing unusual there. Not long after setting off I realised my snacks were in the boot (trunk). Then after a while I needed a comfort break. I knew of a lay-by on the way home, so pulled in and managed to discreetly...

Personal Best

I have decided to start keeping track of my naked mileage. A week ago, I went to Sequoia National Park, and decided to go most of the way on Friday so as to get there early Saturday. I made a pit stop at Enoch Christofferson Rest Area near Turlock,...

A new distance record for me

Driving naked isn't new for me. Do it around town, and back and for to Las Vegas and even Phoenix. But I set a new record for myself a few weeks ago. I drove to Salt Lake City and back from Los Angeles. Not in one day, that would be awful. But I...

Half naked driving!!

After a shopping trip to Walmart (after working a 12 hr shift) I got hot so I took my top off and drove home. Wish I could go naked all the time.

It was fun

Me and my lady snuck on the beach ( it closed due to lock down) We swam naked of course. We only brought 1 towel which was hers (she's not a nudist.......yet). We got in the car I told her to lose the towel. Her response was "nooooooo what...

Warm naked drive home

78 degrees tonight when I got out of the gym. So I stripped in the lot and drove home nude. Great feeling getting out of the van naked and walking nude into my house. The way it should be!

Almost did it

Was driving alone in the van and considered dropping the shorts. Didn't because: Didn't have a towel for sitting on and emergency cover. Thought a very busy highway would not be a good place to start.

undessed at the boot

I probably drive naked as much as I drive dressed, so it's perfectly normal for me. However, I normally undress when it's safe. Leaving home it's safe as I have a connecting door between the house and the garage. Only once has this been...

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