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**Note: Read the rules **A place for nudists (couples, females & males) who enjoy being nude in the Florida panhandle, to get to know one another and to enjoy sharing those times through stories and photos. It doesn't matter if you're on the beach, at the house or out in the woods...it's all about enjoying this beautiful area. We want this to be all inclusive and clean. Please keep...

Johnson Beach Update

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I followed up on the petition for a clothing optional area at Johnson Beach by forwarding it to the Treasure Coast Naturists (Blind Creek Beach) and to Felicity's Blog (Tampa Clothing Optional petition). I asked for advice on strategy for this endeavor. Both replied that the petition will likely not meet with success in and of itself. A group that associates with a major organization (The Naturist Society) and pursues local contacts will be necessary. In conjunction with the petition originator, I would propose that we continue to gather signatures and meet to form an organization. Is anyone else willing to participate?



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RE:Johnson Beach Update

What's really needed (in addition to a legal nudist area) is a nudist area parking lot for 100 cars.
Agreed 100%.
Last time I was there, parking at the east end of the road (nearest the unofficial nude area) wasn't even allowed. At all. None. Nada. Zippo. And there's barely enough room for a handful of cars there even if it were allowed. But count me in for supporting whatever whenever.

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