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**Note: Read the rules **A place for nudists (couples, females & males) who enjoy being nude in the Florida panhandle, to get to know one another and to enjoy sharing those times through stories and photos. It doesn't matter if you're on the beach, at the house or out in the woods...it's all about enjoying this beautiful area. We want this to be all inclusive and clean. Please keep...

Has your Spring sprung?

I stuck my head out the door this morning to a warm day with light fog, just enough light to see well with mist shrouding everything...I couldnt resist. I grabbed my coffee and wandered about the yard nude for 15 to 20 minutes. The grass is perking...

I have several places I go to enjoy nature...

I live in baker and have several places i go to enjoy nature nude. I have been a nudist for about 10 years and love it. I have creeks and rivers, beaches, hiking trails, and much more. Feel free to send me a message and maybe we can all go be free...

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Are you getting any nude time?

It's now January 1 but the weather is still holding for folks in the area. Are you getting many activities done in the nude while you can? I've done a bit of cleaning up brush, mowing a little and generally enjoying the yard while nude these...

Rivera - good/bad

I'm still more a house nudist, mainly for laziness factors, but I saw Rivera isn't too far and a good option. Any inputs for it? I really want to find a place I can go jog around with just a pair of shoes. I've been on the site and...

Latest PostTry hidden lake
by chef963 
Sept 5th Ft Walton Beach

Ill be in the area for the night. Any nudist spots i should hit? Any places, other then my hotel room, that i could hang naked with people? Thanks for any info

Destin area

If anyone wants to meet up for a nude tan time on the beach , email me vindexinc@aol.com I go princess beach on Okaloosa island -Mike

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Hurricane Michael

Good morning everyone! Hurricane Michael was QUITE the storm, one for the record books and a storm we will look back on for years to come. Just wanted to check in and make sure our naked friends made it thru relatively unharmed. Check in, let us...

Naturist Action Committee Request

The Naturist Action Committee of the Naturist Society has requested that interested Florida Residents write to their Florida representatives regarding proposals to Florida Statutes that would permit clothing optional areas on state beaches. Please...

Introduction of myself

Hi all, new to the Panhandle, as of now reside in Baker. Love to be nude anytime I can be.

Any Single Females or couples interested to...

We are going to be touring around the Florida beaches this week. Would any single females or couples be interested to meet in person this week? Also if you know of any fun places to get naked around Florida please email us and let us know. Thanks

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