Gay nudists who enjoy getting together for drinks and fellowship with all men; gay, straight or undecided.

Nude party themes

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Anyone have any suggestions for themes for nudist parties? Nothing to extreme, but fun.

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RE: Nude party themes

Nude Countdown - every 20 minutes (or whatever time frame) a bell rings and a piece of clothing comes off
Nude Gamers - using fun board games
Nude Painting - have group body painting
I was thinking you kind of could do any theme that you'd normally do and just make it nude.

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RE: Nude party themes

Any party that you could do with clothes on could (generally) work in a nudist environment.

  • Fancy dress: be creative with no more than two items
  • Formal black tie: that is the only item worn
  • Anything but clothes party
  • Game night - I've done this before and have a variety of board games or video games
I'm sure if you google naked/nude theme parties you may be able to find some additional ones.
Let us know how it goes if you host one.

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RE: Nude party themes

If partial clothing is allowed (such as accessories), you could do a come as your favorite fantasy.
Strip poker or other games based on losers undressing.

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RE: Nude party themes

Naked body painting sounds fun. Let your artistic side show :)

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