Guys With Cockrings

A group for Guys they like to wear cockrings oder guys they are interested into. Even if you wear your cockring at the beach, just at home or when you have fun... Let's talk about cockrings :)

Full time or part time CR wearing...

I have a selection of both metal and rubber CR's. All very simiar sized - it's important to get sizing correct otherwise they can fall off. Am not a full time wearer and certainly not when wearing jeans or trousers as they can be...

First experience of cock rings

I think my first experience with another guy wearing a cock ring was about 15 years ago at Haulover Beach in FL. I think the guy I saw was actually wearing a cage, three rings in one. Bought one on an interest, too big. Bought a smaller one on...

Simple and cheap

Rings from Ace Hardware for cheap and available in a variety of size.

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Primo Men's Jewelry

Started wearing cock rings and other stuff about 25 years ago, rubber, nitrile, etc. and slowly made my way to metal. All the ready made stuff did not quite fit - either too tight or too loose. Recently I discovered Chain Gang. What a difference....

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metal cock rings in hot sun

Last summer I had my stainless steel cock ring on at the beach but had to take it off as it was getting very hot in the sun. Put on a polymer one and that was fine. anyone else had this problem - it was quite a wide and heavy ring, great to wear.

First Experience of Cock Rings?

How did others here first discover Cock Rings? When did you first start wearing them?

Glans Rings?

Are there others here who enjoy wearing Glans Rings? I have a number - all steel - which sit neatly and comfortably behind my coronal flare. Are these perhaps more generally favoured by those, like me, who are proud to be circumcised?

Glans rings

I love heavy metal glans rings

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New member

Hi all. I'm Brittany, 41 years of age, widowed. I'd love to meet an open minded men to talk with and see where it goes, age doesn't matter. Email on:

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Where acceptable

I love wearing mine anytime naked, nude clubs , love walking along beach , get plenty of attention of young ladies , enjoy guys admiring as the feeling of being semi hard when not .


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