Guys With Cockrings

A group for Guys they like to wear cockrings oder guys they are interested into. Even if you wear your cockring at the beach, just at home or when you have fun... Let's talk about cockrings :)

Types of Ring?

What types of cock ring do group members generally favour? For my part, I gain particular pleasure from displaying a nice weighty metal ring, although I also often wear a glans ring which sits comfortably behind my cock head or a tightly fitting...

Glans Rings?

Are there others here who enjoy wearing Glans Rings? I have a number - all steel - which sit neatly and comfortably behind my coronal flare. Are these perhaps more generally favoured by those, like me, who are proud to be circumcised?

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First Experience of Cock Rings?

How did others here first discover Cock Rings? When did you first start wearing them?


Are other ring enthusiasts here, like me, equally committed smoothies? My cock is always nicely shaved, the better to display my rings when in nudist settings and ease the task of putting them on: no pubic tangles! . Are most of those who wear cock...

New cock ring purchase

A few weeks ago I received the set of cock rings that I ordered from an online retailer. These rings are 3mm and 5mm thick I wear the 5mm 24/7 only removing it when I'm shaving my shaft and scrotum daily. I love the feeling of the additional...