Guys With Cockrings

A group for Guys they like to wear cockrings oder guys they are interested into. Even if you wear your cockring at the beach, just at home or when you have fun... Let's talk about cockrings :)


My 14 year old nephew wants me to buy him a cock ring. He sees me wearing them many times, and I love them. My brother is not so sure. what do you thing,. I am ok with getting a ring that fits.

Glans Rings?

Are there others here who enjoy wearing Glans Rings? I have a number - all steel - which sit neatly and comfortably behind my coronal flare. Are these perhaps more generally favoured by those, like me, who are proud to be circumcised?

F2-13 cp content add on telegram molly7779

F2-13 cp content add on telegram molly7779

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F2-13 cp content add on telegram molly7779

F2-13 cp content add on telegram molly7779

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Where to buy

Fav site to order on that has good info for newbie? Want simple, comfortable CR for looks to wear at nude resorts. Metal sitting out in the sun does not sound like a good idea :). tia.

Types of Ring?

What types of cock ring do group members generally favour? For my part, I gain particular pleasure from displaying a nice weighty metal ring, although I also often wear a glans ring which sits comfortably behind my cock head or a tightly fitting...

Weighted rings

Hi everyone. Recently been experimenting with different rings both cock rings and weighted rings for the testicals. I am upload a photo of weighted ring..

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by PaulS83 
Sad but true

I used to live near the beach and went frequently. One day, I wasnt able to go to the nude beach so opted for a beach nearer that I new was also not overly crowded. Got to the beach, set up my chair, umbrella and was wearing a tan-thru suit. (If you...

Full time or part time CR wearing...

I have a selection of both metal and rubber CR's. All very simiar sized - it's important to get sizing correct otherwise they can fall off. Am not a full time wearer and certainly not when wearing jeans or trousers as they can be...

For those who wear one regularly.

Are there settings where you are naked around other guys, e.g. gym lockers, communal showers, spa, etc. and you remove your ring because you dont want to make others feel uncomfortable seeing it or are you not concerned about what others may or may...