Gym Loving Nudists

This is a group for all Nudists, young and old that enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. Its a place to swap tips on diet and exercise and meet new naked friends from across the world.

List of favorite gyms where nudity...

Has anyone started such a list? If not, here are my contributions: 1) Charlotte, North Carolina YMCA. Great gym, and TWO different gang showers, giant hot tub, sauna and steam and cardio and weights in men's locker rooms. For safety, they require...

Gym ware optional at the gym

Im a fitness instructor and sometimes i walk around completely nude at the gym, they say it motivtes people, most of the time i wear skimpy gym trunks for support, but my pubes still show, i love having my penis and plums on display at the gym for...

Any ideas?

Does anyone know any places in the Charlotte NC area where I can work out nude with other people?

Body image

I know that being a true Naturist is about accepting everyone and Thier bodies for what they are and I do. The real beauty of a person is inside of them. ATTITUDE/ PERSONALITY. But I have a problem with mine. So I choose to change it. Then many I...

Hey from a Naked Personal Trainer!

Hi, I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group. Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude. Col.

gym clothing

what does everyone wear to the gym. what about under garments

Shirtless Gym

Does anyone know of a gym in central NJ or Bucks County PA that allows men to work our shirtless? That would be much more comfortable than wearing a shirt in addition to shorts.

Dream come True!

I always think about how great it would be to work out nude while at my gym. It seems like such a natural idea - the ancient greeks had it right. But alas, it's not permitted.This summer, I had the opportunity at long last. While attending the...

Anyone member of LA fitness?

Is there anyone member of LA FItness in MD?

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Fitness challenge

Hi everyone. I have started a 12 week fitness challenge to try to muscle up a bit and maybe get my body fat percentage down as well. I'm really keen to get in touch with other nudists into their fitness and maybe sharing some training tips....

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