Gym Loving Nudists

This is a group for all Nudists, young and old that enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. Its a place to swap tips on diet and exercise and meet new naked friends from across the world.

Gym lover kik?

Hey any gym lover uses kik? Inbox or reply here Thanks

First workout in 6 months

Did my first real workout in 6 months yesterday. It felt really good to get moving again. I am starting out slow with low weights and will build up as I go until at my normal weights. I have not really gained any weight, but can tell things have...

Getting back on track

Hey group. Aussie guy here . Wondering how everyone is going wither the current situation with gyms open one minute - lockdowns and then closed It can be tough trying to workout from hone . Pretty fortunate here in Australia disruptions have been...

skype/zoom naked workout sessions

based in Sydney Australia , looking for mates to work out together either on skype r zoom, or room for one to workout in my small home. Message me if keen. Genuine here n expect the same. boners during a workout are natural and totally kool by me too

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naked workout remote c ourse

i joined Nmdtraining, uk based, and they record many sessions if you subscribe. really enjoying it a lot. try it guys

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Gym-Fitness buddy near Ann Arbor MI

Hey y'all anyone around the Ann Arbor Michigan area that would like a fitness buddy? I love swimming, callisthenics, and running but it's easier to stay on track with friends.

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Gym Reopening

My gym recently reopened now that Covid is down substantially in the area. While it will be good to be able to use the equipment, exercising dressed is going to feel strange for a while. For the past 4 months, I have been doing light body weight and...

Naked trainer?

Id love to push myself to the next level and up my workout game. Any naked trainers out there wanting to boss me around the gym? :D Any pointers, workout routines, and well meaning encouragement appreciated.

Online Gym Buddies

Hey all, looking for somebody to basically be a gym buddy but online. Sharing progress, talking about our goals and inspiring/motivating each other. Can be either on here or via KIK if it's easier. Dont really have any friends that are...

telegram naked sport

Hi. I have thought that we could create a group by telegram for sports people or people who like sports in general and share exercises and techniques, all of a nudist nature. Allowed all kinds of men, women, heterosexuals, homosexuals, bi..

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