Gym Loving Nudists

This is a group for all Nudists, young and old that enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. Its a place to swap tips on diet and exercise and meet new naked friends from across the world.

Home workout

I sometimes do some exercises at home naked. Considering buying some basic equipment for the home so I could drop my gym membership and always work out naked. Has anyone else done this?' Did it result in your working out more often?

Any Fitness4less members in London?

Trying to find local London gym goers into fitness and maybe share a few workouts together. I also have a home TRX system and would be great to share some nude workouts with someone who's genuinely interested in fitness and body shaping.

Latest Post
Body image

I know that being a true Naturist is about accepting everyone and Thier bodies for what they are and I do. The real beauty of a person is inside of them. ATTITUDE/ PERSONALITY. But I have a problem with mine. So I choose to change it. Then many I...

Shaving at the Gym

Who shaves nude at the sink in the locker room? I rarely shave at the gym, but when I do, I am nude with my towel on the edge of the sink. In both my present and prior gym, the majority wear underwear or a towel to shave, but I am not the only one to...

Shirt for the Gym

Since most public gyms require men to wear shirts, what kind of shirt do you wear to the gym? I always wear a sleeveless shirt. Wish I could work out shirtless. I have 3 I have made myself by starting with an old t, cutting of the sleeves, opening up...

New Gym Member

I'm not sure if I could describe myself as a " Gym Lover ! however I recently joined a gym and have been doing various classes depending on my shifts , I have wanted to lose weight and tone, up , I have found a couple of the classes hard...

Nude treadmill workouts

Ive been doing my weight lifting and spinning nude for about 6 years but never had the chance to run nude until I got my treadmill a few weeks ago. What a difference! I may actually begin to enjoy running as its always been my least favorite type of...

Naked workout partner or trainer in...

Hey guys! I'd like to find a nude workout partner or trainer in DC to lift weights, do TRX, or core/cross fit type stuff. We don't need elaborate equipment. Body weight is usually enough resistance to get a good workout. The next hurdle will...

Latest Post
Noosa Hinterland Nude PT Sessions

Hello, I am qualified personal trainer, I moved to the Noosa Shire some weeks ago and I have some miscellaneous equipment (swiss ball, abs wheel, rubber bands, door bar, door gym, 3 sets of dumbbells and mats) all in a good size shed. If any one is...

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