Gymnos Aquatic Saints

A group for Christian Males who enjoy Skinny-dipping, Wild Swimming, and Naked Swimming

Nude group in Australia

Is there any guys in Australia willing to join me to form a new group

MeWe Men's Skinny-dipping Group

Attached is a non-sexual MeWe Men's Skinny-dipping Group:

I look forward to the coming of our Naked...

Then we all shall live naked forever! Endless nakedness!!! Being Naked with Christ and he with us!!! Our body's enjoying each other in brotherly love! Should we not start a Naked Church of Christ now here on earth. Church of the Naked Believers...

Jesus Christ and His Naked Life

Jesus was born Naked. Jesus was Baptized Naked. Jesus talked and relaxed with his disciples Naked. Jesus was beaten Naked. Jesus was crucified Naked. Jesus arose from the grave Naked. One day we will stand before Him Naked, and He before us Naked....

Skinny Dipping with your Bros!

Have you gone skinny-dipping with your male buds? (Nude Beaches are not included) If so, tell us your experience?

Naked saints and other holy beings

I remember when I first found out about the Jain religion, I was fascinated by the colossal statues showing full frontal nudity. Turns out they represent beings called tirthankars, the Jain counterpart to Buddhas. They are naked because they have...

Spiritual Friends

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight guy from Brazil, nudist for 10 years now. I'd like to connect with other straight Christian bros to chat about nudism based on our faith, fully naked the way our Lord created us to be. Feel free to add me...

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Ever done labyrinth work?

A labyrinth is not a maze, despite the word frequently being misused that way. A labyrinth is a meditation tool; you walk meditatively from the entrance to the center and back again, following all the twists and turns. I have done labyrinth work at...

Skinny diping

I enjoy being nude in water pool hot tub shower If friends are naked in water iam in ever one looks different nude

puerto rico caribbean fun

hey guys if anyone is interested i have and airbn in the forest in puerto rico private and secure have river area hot me up if any one is interested lets get naked in the water

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