Ham Naturist

This is a group for naturist who also enjoy Ham Radio ( Amateur Radio ) as a hobby. We combine the two hobbies together to enjoy them twice as much as one hobby. Ham radio gives nudist a more social out let on a world wide level. Nude recreation gives ham radio opreators more comfort when operating thier radios.

AANR Convention

I will be attending the 2009 AANR Convention in August at Oklahoma. I hope to meet the Ham Naturist there. I will be in a white F-250 with a Hussler 80 Metermoble anntena on top of the cab. It would be nice to run a special event station for AANR....

Latest Post

Hi All Just found this ham group, been licenced since late 80s' and loving it. We have a group here British Naturism Amateur Radio Forum with the CCBN in UK. We use eQSO at the moment as some of our members cannot get on to Echolink but I will...

Nude Net anyone?

There's a few of us here now. Wondering if we should try and find a time to meet on the air. Given that HF is lousy for the long haul, we might be better off using IRLP and Echolink. I have access to a conference server that can handle both...

Field Day

I believe that here at Riverside Ranch we have enough hams to do a field day. Probably won't be anything more than just a bunch of us using my call, but I think it would be fun. We are in the planning stages now. Thanks j

N5YEE temperary AG!

I passed my ham radio test for General! I'm trying 80 meters but the band isn't in good condition. I will be mostly on 3.910 Mhz.My inverted V anntenna is temperary and at only 20 feet. If I don't do well tonight (Jan. 14, 2009) then I...

CQ 20 Meters

20 Meters has been open to Europe. I have been hearing stations from all over Europe.

Latest Post

Been mostly on 2 mtr's and 440 the last few years. I ocassionally pop on 20 and 80 mtrs. My father here has a Cushcraft 5 band groundplane, tuner and I believe he is running a Yaesu rig. I haven't been on for a while. 73's Jerry


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