I Always Sleep Naked

join if you sleep naked

Anyone here go commando as well as sleeping nude. I haven't worn underwear in years. The freedom is wonderful. You should try it.

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RE:Going commando

Im commando outside in summer when wearing shorts. Long pants are mandatory at work so I usually wear a thong in summer or commando depending on my mood. Free-balling Friday is always my thing to get ready for the weekend!

Looks like you are getting close to retirement. If you are and only wear underwear at work, I would suggest you do what I wish I had done.
When retirement is getting really close, count your underwear.
Starting that many days from you last work day (excluding Fridays since freeball on them) toss your underwear in the trash when you get home from work, That way, you will be underwear free as soon as you are retired!

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