King Spa Chicago

King Spa Chicago is for Nudist friends who want to meet, network and relax in a clean and safe environment. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, creed, color, religious preference, sexual preference, political views, etc, etc, etc. Located at 809 Civic Center Dr. Niles, IL. 60714, Tel : 847-972-2540, Business Hours : Open 24/7.

I am planning on going there this week around 10pm. Is it dead at that time? Can someone fill me in? Ive never been.

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RE:Late night?

No King Spa is open 24/7 with an extra fee between 2 and 4ish. Some people use it as a hotel. Good luck.

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RE:Late night?

I love king spa.

Please note that the wet area closes for cleaning around midnight until 7 am. This is the area where you are nude.

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