King Spa Chicago

King Spa Chicago is for Nudist friends who want to meet, network and relax in a clean and safe environment. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, creed, color, religious preference, sexual preference, political views, etc, etc, etc. Located at 809 Civic Center Dr. Niles, IL. 60714, Tel : 847-972-2540, Business Hours : Open 24/7.

King Spa Saturday 12-09-17

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I was thinking of hitting king spa this Saturday 12/09. I prefer weekdays because they are less busy, but I think itll have to be a weekend visit. Does anyone know if there is a certain time on saturdays that it is less crowded? The less crowded the more quiet and relaxing it is haha!

Thanks for your input!

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RE:King Spa Saturday 12-09-17

Never a time on the weekend that they are not packed get there early but gets crowded by 1 in the afternoon

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RE:King Spa Saturday 12-09-17

Thank you so much for the reply and the info man! I appreciate it!

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