Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.

Am ready anytime

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Refusing to cover just because

Lets reintroduce our fellow men to other men. Locker room nudity should at no point make another man uncomfortable. Im not talking about guys cruising but just being nude before or after a work out, swim or steam. I enjoy to drip dry and cool down...

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Naked Sauna Steam

Used to be you could just sit on your towel in the sauna or steam room. Now you have to be wrapped in a towl or shots. I see guys who actually shower in their underwear and won't get fully naked. What happened?

New gym, new environment

I recently switched gyms to a more main stream one. I'm amazed at the radical difference in attitudes about locker room nudity! No one is ever naked in the locker room at my new gym. I see people taking their gym bags to the showers rather than...

Locker Room Gang Showers

My health club has gang showers for 12 guys. I have a problem when I wash my genitals I get an erection; even at home.Well, it happened at the club. I had nothing with which to cover itso I faced the shower wall. The guy next to me did a side glance...

The new generation(s)

Its interesting how the younger guys change with a towel wrapped around their waist. Many dont even shower anymore. Others create barriers with the locker doors. I dont know if its a shame issue or what but they seem to have a sense of disdain...

Nude in the Whirlpool

I had some nude time in the whirlpool today at the gym. While the ladies where swimming in swim suits

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Questions about all over tan

Hi, Has anyone ever had questions or comments about their all over tan in the locker room?

Join in my naked life!

I'm glad to inform you that Im now sharing my daily naked life on some new platforms: In each site there will be different contents - daily...

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