Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.


So.... Aside from it being fun... Why shower at the gym?If you just head home, why bother?I'm not trying to be a prude or just plain stupid. Just curious.

c'est quoi de nos jour le problme avec...

Depuis que je suis jeune je pratique plusieurs sport (hockey,volleyball,basket ...) et tous les joueurs prenais leur douche ensemble aprs et nous partions de la chambre jusqu' la douche sans serviette et personne n'avais de problme avec cela....

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Naked in the lockerroom

I have belonged to this Health Plex in TX. there are no kids allowed. They have to be at least 18. at first you had to wear to wear a swimsuit in the Hot Tub, then they put up signs in the steamroom and the dry sauana (NO NUDITY PLEASE) for all of...

Old style YMCAs

So with all the reports of "updates" to the old YMCAs out there, are there any of the old ones left? I am sure they don't have nude swimming anymore, but many of these had really good steam, heat and tub facilities. Many even had nap...

locker room stories

I am disapointed with a 191 members, and no new stories. Seams that a few more of you would have some good or bad experiences that you could tell about.

Locker room nude

Like to sauna not wear a towel. Shower is fun its fun to see other men iam shaved fun to see who else Is

The cover up guys

Same old topic.. a bit busier today in the changing rooms after my game of squash... as soon as I get in there I strip off to start cooling down a bit and then hit the communal showers with my squash partner .. two other guys in there getting...

Locker Room Gang Showers

My health club has gang showers for 12 guys. I have a problem when I wash my genitals I get an erection; even at home.Well, it happened at the club. I had nothing with which to cover itso I faced the shower wall. The guy next to me did a side glance...

Locker room

Always go without a towel fun to see who looks at u iam shaved below

Times are Changing and so is changing in the...

Don't be surprised if ,in the USA, there will be a law that prevents nudity in locker rooms.

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