Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.

Locker room

Always go without a towel fun to see who looks at u iam shaved below

Locker Room Gang Showers

My health club has gang showers for 12 guys. I have a problem when I wash my genitals I get an erection; even at home.Well, it happened at the club. I had nothing with which to cover itso I faced the shower wall. The guy next to me did a side glance...

Times are Changing and so is changing in the...

Don't be surprised if ,in the USA, there will be a law that prevents nudity in locker rooms.

Always nude in my locker room!

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

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Naked Old Men Under Attack In The Locker...

Here is a video I made, discussing about what is happening in parts of North America on eliminating nudity in the public locker rooms.

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Seniors Under Attack (In the locker room)

Older Men Under Attack in Locker Rooms There's a new trendon Youtube. Making fun of old naked men in the locker-room.Some day I'm going to make a video blog and salute to the older generation showing what they got.When I was 18, I could...

Spa World Oct., Nov., and Dec.

Lets plan out the next three months for our Spa World brotherhood time. Time to relax and enjoy some camaraderie. Spa World is a Korean spa/ bathhouse in Centreville, Virginia that is open 24/7. Nudity is required to be in the bathhouse part of the...

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Spa World Saturday July 29th

Summer fun time is here. Time for our end of the month Spa World get together. If you like to get out from under the hot sun but still want to enjoy the water nude then go to the Korean bathhouse. Spa World has a Korean nude bathhouse inside both the...

Locker room nude

Like to sauna not wear a towel. Shower is fun its fun to see other men iam shaved fun to see who else Is

Is modern Culture destroying the Father...

When I was a child, I and my brother would bath and shower with my dad. We didn't see it as sexual, and nor did he. He was being a true role model of masculinity. What is going...

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