Locker Room Nudists

People that go totally naked in the locker room without the need to hide themselves with a towel.

Shaving at the sink

Who shaves nude at the sink in the locker room? I rarely shave at the gym, but when I do, I am nude with my towel on the edge of the sink. In both my present and prior gym, the majority wear underwear or a towel to shave, but I am not the only one to...

Communal Showers. Are there any in your...

Do you have any communal showers in your area? Let us all know. Here in the Salt Lake City area there are lots of places left with communal showers. Here are some of my favorites: Marv Jenson Recreation Center in South Jordan - Nothing but communal...

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Always nude in my locker room!

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

Naked in Locker room

I love being naked in the locker room. Don't see any reason to cover up under towels when in locker room. A great place for male bonding.

Naked and natural in locker room

be it at the gym or the pool I have no problem getting the gear off in the pool change room so I can change into my swimmers, on many occasions will stand there naked chatting to other guys. Similarly when at the gym after a work out will go to the...

Locker room

Always go without a towel fun to see who looks at u iam shaved below


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having an awesome day! New, to the group. I agree with nothing to hide at the locker rooms. Feel free to say hello or to add me. Always awesome to make new friends or chat with like-minded people. Happy Friday!

War on Male Nudity

The United States of America is greatly divided in many things. One subject of division is male nudity, and in all places, in the men's locker room. Only 40 years ago this was not a big issue. What I find surprising is that when I did research on...


So.... Aside from it being fun... Why shower at the gym?If you just head home, why bother?I'm not trying to be a prude or just plain stupid. Just curious.


Any Aussie men who love nuding-up in the locker rooms / showers? Love to share information on where to find the best change rooms- with open showers!

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