Male Adornment

This group is for men who like to wear body jewelry for personal adornment. This is meant to include piercings, cock rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belts.

Scrotum piercing

Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting my scrotum pierced - two barbells at the lower part. Has anyone else had this done? I'd like to know how it went with healing, doing sports (e.g. cycling especially), and shaving. Anyone want to share their...

A jade c-ring

Shaved,tanned finished off with a c-ring. Have a number of types currently the favourite is a green jade ring.

Male Body Modification Documentary

Ciao guys! I am working on a documentary about men and their body modifications. I am seeking males with any and all body modifications. The research is ongoing and participation levels are entirely left up to the participants. The project will...

How long does a PA ring take to heal?

I have been thing of getting a PA ring and was wondering how long does it take to heal? Is there much bleeding when it is done?

Glands rings

Anyone use these? I have been experimenting with rubber and metal, like the feel and look. When Im soft my foreskin covers & im circ Any discussion?


I like so much to use my cock-ring, when working, ore walking, and with playing. I have 3 different size, but need to use the biggest one.

Ass Sparks and Butt Plugs

Anybody interested in using these? I recently bought aSplit Ring Ass Spark from Koalaswim, check their website for details (Pic attached now). It has a medium size ball that goes up your anus, and is held in place by a cock ring. This is my first...

Penis Pumps

I don't know if this is the right place to post this subject ( I guess, I'll soon find out lol ) but I wondered if any of you, like to use penis pumps as part of your adornment routine ?

Drawing on penis

Am i the only one that like drawing on his penis? I see very littlw about it. From time to time i like to draw shapes, designs, etc. They dont stay long, and dont do it offen, but i do sometimes.

First ring

My wife bought me my first cockring! I love it feels amazing and dont want to take it off. Shouldve done this sooner. Does anybody else wear it 24/7