Male Bonding2

For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without...

Male bonding through Skype

Probably far from many of you so Skype's pretty much my only option If interested comment or inbox me

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by Dffunn 
Orlando Male Bonding

Howdy guys! I know many of you travel to Orlando FL either on vacation or for conventions. I'd like to try to get a few of us men together to hang out and bond naked. I can't host a group of guys, and I know most of you other married buds...

Have always enjoyed jacking with a buddy....

Here in SWFL I thought it would be easy to find other mm with our shared interest but that does not seem to be the case. If anyone else is in SWFL.......FT M.....South on Gulf Coast, lets talk soon.

Manchester uk

Anyone fancy some male bonding in Manchester uk let me know

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miss it..

Seems like when I retired.. I quit male bonding. When I needed some comfort, I use to go to Mid Towne Spa in Austin. But sadly, it closed. But Hippy Hollow is still there... got to make a commitment to go this year.

WELCOME and Group Status

Welcome all of the new members who have joined in the past few weeks! This is a great group, fairly active with some amazing men and wonderful, affirming conversations and sharing going on. I'm also VERY pleased to let you all know that we are...

Add me now! Kik, snap, flickr, skype and...

Hey, I'm Diego, 19yo from Colombia. My KIK is diegobogota Snapchat diegoabogota Flickr Diego Bogota Skype: diegoabogota Whatsapp: +573204541069

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New to this group etc

Hi I'm a single male in Cornwall U.K. and I am looking for people to meet and chat with and get nude with in places.

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by stevecannon 
What was your first nude male bonding...

I was asked this question by a guy via private message and I thought it was a great thread topic.My first nude male bonding experience was in high school (age 15-18). My high school buddy and I would hang out every half-day (when school would get out...

Visiting Jan 22-25

Going to Fort Lauderdale Jan 22-25. Maybe will hit Miami too.

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