Male Bonding2

For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without...

Chill Skype

Anyone keen on just chillin on skype and having a nude beer and a chat? Kinda the best thing I can get to actually hanging out with other naked dudes right now. Not looking for anything sexual, just a relaxed skype session with a bro :) If you think...


Tpantheon add me

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Noosa edge nudist retreat

Hang out nude on tropical to nude tradesman working onsite. Have naked lunch... shower together in the cave... Day visitors welcome... camping available

Im writing a book about nudism.

I need some volunteers to answe some interview questions for my book About Nudism. Any takers? Shoot me a message. Youll also get a copy of course.

New to Toronto

Hi there, Anyone who is interested in male bonding....New in town and willing to explore...married out here. I used to have some arab friends where I used to live and we used to go hiking and get nude once we were used to be our bonding...

Mutual jerk off sessions with Straight guys...

Any straight guys who dont mind a bro bating sessions. Just bro masturbating and enjoying. No strings attached...

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Showering with Friends

Sept . 10 , 2018 . Have a couple friends from the Community Pool I belong to , that I often shower with naked , when the pool is about to shut down for the night . It's an open shower room connected to the locker room , with about 7 shower heads...

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Skype Video Call Group

Who wants to be part of a videocall group? Lets have some fun guys and talk about anything and everything! Just comment your skype name. :)

Multinational massage

I stayed with a Canadian who lives in Abu Dhabi last week. We had discovered thru emails that we both enjoyed massage so a massage swap was planned. When I got there Dale said a friend of his wanted to join us. I said sure. So his Arab friend Hani...

Visiting the Big Island first week of...

I am going to be touring the Big Island the first week of September. I would like to meet my friends and new friends in the island to hang nude outdoors/indoors. Let me know if you are around and want to meet. Hope everyone is prepared for the rains...

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